Para fazer alguém se expor, você precisa merecer. É como uma flor que se abre à luz. (ABSTRACT: The Art of Design, 2017).


Furthermore, the newest narrator’s companion was seriously affiliated with the latest lake: “Derriere la porte l’homme los cuales raime se tient

Furthermore, the newest narrator’s companion was seriously affiliated with the latest lake: “Derriere la porte l’homme los cuales raime se tient

Quickly afterwards, the newest narrator comes on various other images, one that is already common to your audience as it keeps already been lead, the new images you to the lady companion took of link along side Adour

(14.) Get a hold of La Chambre claire: “Toute photographic est us certificat de exposure. Le certificat est ce gene nouveau que guy creativity an effective introduit dans la famille de l’ensemble des pictures” (135).

One to symmetry scratching House Chagrin indelibly, as well as the section where it hinges is the river itself. In this angle, it’s the lake hence guarantees the rest of Cosnay’s landscaping, invented one another actually and you can figuratively. Just like the narrator informs the storyline of Bram van Velde, such as for instance, this new events and you can stories she brings need its devote a chronology the lake certifies, thanks to metaphor. Moreover, into the considering the lake, the brand new narrator will get confident from a greater existential training, the one that have appeared apparent right away, however, whoever facts are very trivially obvious this need confirmation on a much deeper peak: “La compete passe en effet” (62). The fresh new river perceives each of the narrator’s gestures, and you may serves as a great mute witness to this lady items along with her advice. They sees the lady both once the she serves so when she declines to do something: “Je viens au coin des boulevards Alsace-Lorraine ainsi que Jean-Jaures, low loin de- l’Adour mais aussi low loin de- chez moi. J’ai jete les photos prises par l’homme que j’aime, je me personally suis allongee, victime de paludisme peut-etre, de tremblements nouveaux, je me suis allongee dans ce soleil et celle-ci regardait l’Adour, j’y suis, c’est ce second. Jamais encore” (56).

In the current lifetime of her narrative, Cosnay informs of her very own query to the one to rules and its historical circumstances:

Despite the reality the previous few evolves in today’s, since second is actually confined towards previous, Bram and you can Marthe have a great offer much more story flesh into its bones than just do the narrator together with guy she likes

The latest chagrin you to Cosnay invokes in her study of for the last are amply echoed in the modern, and you will notably from inside the a figure recognized only because the “Pierre Meters.” The latest narrator says your just like the a friend, and you may makes reference to your given that men whoever stress turned-out, fundamentally, unbearable. The first occasion they are said on text, Cosnay bets towards understatement and you can benefit of expression to help you express the size of his distress: “Ce twenty-seven aout 2003, Pierre Yards. s’est donne los angeles mort dans guy appartement de- los angeles rue Saint-Maur. Apres us sejour en hopital psychiatrique, il tenta de- trouver le done” (18). New emergency was their, definitely; but it is perhaps not his alone. For this affects the new narrator too. She imagines that she observes your, a-year and a half just after his passing, taking walks with the far bank of your Adour (18). She recalls gazing from the the woman pal’s deceased human body, a human anatomy suddenly rendered “transparent” from the passing (50). She states you to Pierre Yards. had been an author, which at night ahead of he enough time committing suicide the guy wrote towards really difficulties away from creating (42). Thinking their demise, there was a minumum of one issue your narrator recognizes very obviously indeed: “J’ai vu, tangible, ma mort” (18). Simply speaking, the new narrator finds herself mirrored within the Pierre M., and his awesome suffering is within certain experience an echo away from the girl own.

During the highlighting abreast of so it character and his character throughout the novel, around three factors are entitled to are listed. First, Cosnay attracts the lady viewer examine the happy couple the narrator hence boy mode into the couples composed from the Bram van Velde and you may Marthe Arnaud-Kuntz. It’s a matter of interest without a doubt, and of the options attendant through to diegetic prominencing; however it is and bound upwards regarding the difficulties your narrator enjoy during the enjoying by herself along with her condition, a difficulty one to will get extremely obvious about echo moments. Je n’ai rien dit de- lui, lorsque le n’est pas qu’il fait le trip des villes suivant le ruban de l’eau parmi les rues etroites ou bien contournant les grandes epingles des vastes counters bleues surmontees d’un pont inattendue, rouge, laid et ancien, qui forme des arcs sous quoi vont les peniches” (29). Constantly within the motion, never ever fixed, the man can be difficult to grab given that Adour alone. Yet same as one to lake he occupies a blessed, main lay, in both the fresh new narrator’s real-world plus usually the one she imagines. Finally, so it guy provides brand new narrator as an issue of site, making it possible for their to place her very own subjectivity into the shot: “Que lui (l’aime, l’autre) demeure objet et bien los cuales je le sois: meme tentation d’incertitude, flottement d’identite” (61). One to pastime makes up about significant amounts of what the results are within this publication, additionally the narrator’s struggles is patently among the many lenses owing to and that Marie Cosnay invites me to mirror up on chagrin therefore the various molds they enters.

Cosnay underscores repeatedly the issue of one’s relations from the picture and phrase, and this situation subtends a lot of just what House Chagrin has to state in the artwork as well as uses. hop over to the website “Je vais venir, j’y viens,” she assurances all of us, “A beneficial mon thi?me, bien au point d’incidence” (51), and you will undoubtedly one of several issues that term designates are an excellent site where verbal and visual see and you will meld, because perform the currents into the a river. It is an internet site you to definitely remains right above the opinions, continuously deferred and not quite reached. Into passage away from image to phrase–otherwise out-of keyword in order to picture, even–will never performed when you look at the a completely sufficient styles, considering Cosnay, was overall you will.

The parable one Cosnay drawings right here has a lot to state towards techniques one she deploys in her book, for these procedure is seriously bound right up regarding the thought of the fresh new look. About part of Property Chagrin titled “Visualize 2,” Cosnay now offers a unique parable based through to brand new photo image, explicitly and you may overtly casting it this time around about structure out of a narrative, because the narrative. “Il y avait cette histoire de- l’autre photo,” states the narrator, “ou d’une photo possible, vue par l’autre, une fois, superbement. [. ] Los angeles photographs parfaite de quelque femme appropriate, belle, blanche, reconnaissable, de- sexe mais aussi de cheveux prouvait qu’enfin quelque selected avait ete visible” (48). You to definitely photo are an excellent foundational one to own Property Chagrin insofar as they catches the primary web site of the novel’s topography. It’s simple sufficient, as photographs wade, yet it’s subtended–a little literally in such a case–from the almost every other photo which can be much more annoying:

(13.) Find such as for instance “Ce 15 novembre je suis malade, avec des reves apeures de separation puis de- victoire finale qui, en fin de- way, rendent courage. Los angeles matter particular concerne la as well as bonne qualite, los angeles also bonne certitude de l’ensemble des occasions los cuales l’on ne voit pas” (9); “Ce suc du corps n’est as well as, dirait Ovide. Il reste l’image a good tirer de- cela, les lignes an effective voir derriere le qu’on ne voit jamais” (38); and you will “En ce qui concerne chacune de l’ensemble des lettres de dessine le qu’on ne voit jamais” (73).

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